Chic & Sophisticated, L.K. Bennett

If there’s one brand that always looks good at the office (and in my case, on-air), it’s L.K. Bennett.  It’s a British luxury brand that’s been seen on celebrities (Meryl Streep, Anna Pacquin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc.) and it also has a royal connection… the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen numerous times wearing the chic and sophisticated line of dresses and shoes.

While the price is on the more expensive side… if you don’t want to spend $400-$500 on a dress,  I’d recommend buying one on sale.  They’re usually 50% off by the end of each season.  While the one seen on me is no longer available… try the Marlene Fitted Dress which is similar (it’s on sale!)  and looks just as classy!  #HappyShopping