Stop Filling Your Closet With Dresses You Wear Once… and Rent Instead!

If you’re like me or like most women I know, there’s nothing like putting on a dress that makes you look and feel great. But buying a new designer dress for every event or special occasion (or in my case, every time I’m on-air) can be costly. So, it’s no surprise that the fashion marketplace has shifted toward rentals with “Rent the Runway” leading the pack.

Now, there is a new fashion rental company called, (Posh + Share = Poshare), which specializes in renting dresses for work or play.

While and Rent the Runway both rent dresses, that’s pretty much where the similarity ends.

The founder of Poshare, Zhanna Merson says instead of just working with big brand names, her company seeks out small-to-medium sized boutiques all of which are family-owned businesses.

Since Poshare crowdsources their inventory from local boutiques, designers and dress wholesalers, their inventory is updated on a daily basis, plus prices are relatively affordable. The site launched just three months ago and already customers can choose from more than 2,500 dresses and the inventory is growing daily.

Merson says she is on a mission to make Poshare the next Amazon of fashion rentals. The goal? To create one platform that aggregates the best dresses available for rent (or purchase) in one place. And dresses are just the starting point. While there are a variety of accessories such as headdresses and fascinators (see pic below), Merson plans to offer other apparel, designer purses, costumes and ethnic bridal couture.

There is also the option for customers to rent out their own dresses as well (that means all those bridesmaids dresses or gowns you wore once could potentially make you money… just as long as they’re approved by a Poshare stylist). I personally haven’t tried this, but I’m tempted.

A few weeks ago, I rented a few dresses and after wearing them on-air, I received rave reviews (pictures below).  A couple days later, I returned them and I’m happy to say the process was easy. I’m ready for my next batch of dresses!

5Capture  6Capture 8Capture

Above: Aubrey Dress

88Capture    8Capture 1Capture

Above: Devon Dress  5Capture 1Capture

Dress: Aubrey Dress

222Capture   fascinator1Capture

Just for fun, I wore a Butterfly Fascinator from Poshare on Easter Sunday… it felt fabulous 🙂