Visiting Las Pampas, Argentina | Polo Ponies, Gauchos, and more!

Did you know that Argentina is the polo capital of the world? The worldwide recognition is due to the quality of its players, plus its horses. The equestrian sport is known as “The Sport of Kings,” and while it originated in Asia (around 2000 BC), it was British settlers who discovered the game in India and brought it back to Europe. At the end of the 19th century, the British brought the game to Argentina. By 1924, Argentina won the Olympic Games against the US and the UK, putting the South American country on the map as a global leader.

Today, Argentina polo ponies are the cream of the crop. It takes an experienced gaucho (aka cowboy), and years of training to prepare a polo pony for the game. The ideal horse is intelligent, agile, docile, flexible and fast. In this episode, Liberté visits a beautiful estancia outside Buenos Aires and takes an inside look at how top polo ponies are trained to win.