When I’m on set, I have the luxury of having my makeup done by a professional makeup artist.  Within 30 minutes or less, my dull complexion is airbrushed into a flawless and glowing bronze, and my sleepy eyes are powdered, shaped, and lined to look big and bright for my on-camera closeups.  I’ve learned a lot from these makeup mavens and I’m happy to say that they’re willing to share their tricks of the trade with you!



Vegan Makeup With A Bold Statement, Try Kat Von D Beauty

If you're looking for long lasting, highly pigmented makeup that lasts all day, look no further than Kat Von D ...
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Falling For Great Skin

Just like when you switch up your wardrobe when the seasons change, it's also a good idea to refresh your ...
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On-Air Makeup Must-Haves

Viewers often ask, “How long do you spend in the makeup chair before you go on-air?” The answer is 30-40 ...
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From Bold to Natural to Something In-Between… False Lashes for Every Occasion

When I'm on-air or getting my makeup done for an event... lashes are like lipstick... they're a must.  But even if ...
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WINTER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: Makeup and Skincare when Seasons Change

I'm lucky enough to work with makeup artist Lisa Olsen on a weekly basis at KTLA... she's the woman who ...
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