WINTER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: Makeup and Skincare when Seasons Change

I’m lucky enough to work with makeup artist Lisa Olsen on a weekly basis at KTLA… she’s the woman who dolls me up during the week and gets me camera-ready before I go on-air to forecast the weather.  Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the makeup industry, and when the seasons change and temperatures drop, she says it’s important to change your beauty routine.  Dry skin, chapped lips and an ashy, pale complexion go hand-in-hand when daytime highs dip… so what can you do to look and feel your best?  Here are a few tips:

Q: Between cranking up the heat inside and dealing with the wind whipping your face outside, when temperatures fall, your skin gets dehydrated.  So what can you do to combat dry skin?

A: In the summer, our skin gets used to the heat. That usually means more oil production, more perspiration, and a healthy glow. When temps drop, especially if it’s a dramatic drop, our skin needs time to acclimate. The surface becomes dry, which can trap dirt and oil and cause break outs, and our skin can look dull. Heaters and wind exacerbate dryness and dullness.  We can help our skin acclimate quicker by keeping up with exfoliating and hydrating. Moisturizing masks are wonderful to lock in moisture. You use one as a rinse-off mask before your nighttime moisturizer or even wear it while you sleep if you are very dry. I love hydrating sprays during the day, as well, because you can keep one in your bag and simply spray when you are feeling dry. Don’t forget eyes and lips, which have the thinnest skin on your face and are prone to drying even quicker. Use an eye cream every morning and night and a lip balm all day long. It seems obvious, but by keeping them protected from the elements at all times, you are less likely to have a problem with dryness in the first place. And, of course, hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water.

Q: What kind of exfoliaters do you recommend?

A: I prefer chemical exfoliants over physical exfoliants, as they are more gentle and affective. Glycolic acids are my favorite and are good for normal skin. If you have sensitive skin, lactic acid is even more gentle.  Skin Authority has a fantastic product called Resurfacing Accelerator that features glycol acid.  I also suggest REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask which contains lactic acids and is very gentle and affective.

Q: To bronze or not to bronze? How to fix a lackluster complexion during the Fall and Winter seasons.

A: It’s tempting to pile on the bronzer when the summer tan fades, but resist the urge. It will wind up looking muddy and obvious. Unless you are maintaining a sunless tan, it’s best to go lighter on the bronzer in the winter months, since it will take less product to achieve results.  I think the real key is to maintain the radiance of your skin, which you can achieve through exfoliation and hydration. A good Vitamin C serum (such as SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic) under your moisturizer is great for a brightening affect. Be sure to accompany it with a full spectrum SPF of at least 30 on top.

Q:  Like your bronzer, should you go lighter with your shadows and lipstick this time of year?

A: I find the colder months are the best time to play with smokey eyes and jewel tones. Makeup adheres better in cooler temps, too, which is an added bonus when playing with darker hues.  And what better time for a red lip than at holiday parties? Especially with all the newest long lasting formulas and mattes, which makes a stay-put pout easier than ever. Don’t be afraid of a little shimmer and sparkle, either. No matter what your age, a small amount of glimmer properly placed in the inner corner of the eye or lid looks beautiful and festive (I would suggest avoiding actual glitter unless you are 18 and under).

It’s definitely my favorite time of the year for makeup. Have fun and happy holidays!!

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