Looking for a Job? What every New Graduate Needs to Know

It’s graduation time and an estimated 2 million students are graduating from U.S. Universities. Since many will be looking for new jobs — including my eldest son — I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few interview tips.

Here are three things you should know if you’re preparing to go on an interview:

1. RESEARCH – Make sure you research the company/employer. Know about their competitors, their market, and industry, plus a little bit about their management style.

2. BE YOURSELF – Don’t feel pressure to be perfectly poised. If you get the job, they will not just see your best side. They will see your personality, so show it. If you have a comedic side, show it, if you have a serious, intellectual side to your personality, show it. Show them who you really are because that’s who they want to see.

3. ASK WHO YOU REPORT TO – One of the most important questions you should ask your interviewer is, “If I get the job, who do I report to?” Many times, the interviewer is not going to be your superior. You must know who you’re going to report to and ask questions about that person. It’s okay to get personal and ask the interviewer about your potential superior. Ask, “What is he/she like?” What are they looking for in their candidate? What’s important to them? What are their hobbies? They may have the same hobbies as you, that’s a great connection.

There are 10 million jobs available right now – that means there are plenty of positions ready to be filled – so go get it!

For the full video, click here.


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