Make a Statement and Give Back

The weather in sunny SoCal seems to have turned a corner.  We just had our first round of rain in La La Land and that means, it’s time to break out the boots and beanies. What better way to stay warm in a statement sweatshirt from Edenation?  The shirts are simple and stylish and all the messages are positive and empowering. Statements like, Be Mindful and Be Present are incorporated into the designs giving you a gentle reminder to strive to your highest self.  Plus, as a meteorologist in L.A., I feel like Sunny Los Angeles was made for me!

As an added bonus… you can really feel good wearing these shirts knowing that Edenation donates a portion of all proceeds to philanthropic organizations such as Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and City of Hope.  Stay positive and bring on the good karma!

Photographer: Cris Jan Lim
Note: shirts provided by Edenation
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