Sans Makeup and Glowing after a Visit to iGlow

When you wear as much makeup as I do for work on-air… sometimes you have to treat yourself to a facial. Here’s a little info about my facial iGlow Med Spa with Renata Rimkute (she’s from Lithuania) and Nurse Nataly. Sans makeup… no judgements, hah!😳 👍 😊

Here’s what Renata did during my 1-hr facial:

– Cleaned the skin

– Steamed (to open the pores)

– Extracted stuff from pores

– Cleaned the skin again

– Massaged Face/Shoulders (helps drain toxins from skin)

– Blue and Red Light: used to kill bacteria and build collagen (with age, your skin starts to sag… no one wants a saggy look!) I’m told it also helps get rid of rosacea.

Here is a short, FB Live video posted right after my treatment:

Here are a few tips from these two skin experts:

If you’re looking for a product to soothe, heal and lock in moisture: Try Le Mieux Iso-Cell Recovery Solution (Nurse Nataly says it’s like the “Windex of skin” and contains special amino acids that are beneficial for your skin)

Plucking unwanted hairs: When it comes to your face… only pluck your eyebrows… don’t tweeze anything else because it will leave behind a pore… when that area is exposed to bacteria, it can cause acne or even sun spots later in life. Renata and Nataly recommend laser hair removal (if you’re a candidate) or shave the area with a razor… yup… according to these two experts, even women can use a razor on their face).

Lastly… don’t forget about your neck! Use your facial products on your neck because that’s an area that shows your age and it needs to be cared for just like your face 🙂

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