Small Changes Make A Big Difference

We are currently in the process of renovating one of my mom’s homes in the Hollywood Hills.

So far, I’ve learned that when it comes to renovating an already beautiful house, small changes make a big difference.

The first update: carpet

The original design in the office and theater included a cream carpet with soft beige detail. It was beginning to look a bit tired and worn after 10 years of use. We ended up switching the light and bright space to a more moody and rich palette and replaced the carpet with a deep, navy blue.

We hit a home run with our carpet supplier/installers. Melrose Carpet has been in the LA area since 1965 (yes, over 50 years!). They were reasonable with their prices, efficient and kind. They completed the job within a few days after the carpet arrived and hauled away our old carpet without any issues.

I must say, there’s nothing like walking barefoot on newly installed carpet…it feels so good!

Stay tuned for more updates as we take one of Momma Chan’s homes and freshen it up.




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