The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

Do you ever wonder how people can make 100%, 300% or even 1000% on an investment consistently? Well, it isn’t easy. However, your biggest opportunity for a high return is investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you not only have complete control, but the return on investment (ROI), can be exponential. 

Allow me to explain:

Let’s say you are an artist, a talented painter. You buy brushes, a canvas, and you spend time creating your masterpiece. Maybe you invest a couple hundred dollars in supplies and take 20 hours to paint your piece. If you were to monetize your time and teach a class, let’s say you would make $70 an hour. Using those numbers, you have a total investment of $1600 in yourself. If your masterpiece sells for $5000 to $10,000, in theory, your 20 hours of work could fetch you between 300% to 600% return on investment. 

Now let’s say you own a catering business. Again, you have to factor in the cost of supplies to prepare a meal for your client. For six people, your supplies may cost $250. It may take you one hour to prep, one hour to cook, and and one hour to serve the meal. If you were working as a cook at a restaurant and made $50 an hour, you would make $150. Your total cost would be $400 including supplies. But working for yourself and selling directly to your client, you could charge your client $800. That means you would make 100% on your money by working 3-4 hours.

Your biggest returns will not come from stocks, bonds, or any liquid investments. They will come from investing in yourself. Your ideas, your thoughts, and your talents are your biggest assets. Ideas and thoughts can sometimes be deceiving, but not your talents. Those are gifts! That’s why it’s important to invest heavily in your talent. 

If you haven’t discovered your talent yet, take a deep look inside and find out what makes you tick. It’s that thing you’re passionate about, that thing you would do for free that fills you with joy. And, if you can scale your talent, you could be the next billionaire and join the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. 

Good luck! 



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