Top 10 Predictions Within The Next Five Years

1. Face coverings are here to stay (especially on public transportation or any public gatherings).

2. Work from home will be permanent for some and partial for others.

3. Commercial, retail, and high rise condo real estate values will be soft.

4. Single-family homes will remain robust in many areas.

5.  Travel will resume and be bigger than ever; the slingshot effect.

6. 1 in 15 cars sold globally will be electric (today, an estimated 1 in 40 cars sold across the globe is electric)

7.  Luxury air travel will be dominated by private jet companies in short haul trips.

8. College education will become more accessible due to online options. It will also be less expensive.

9.  Hygiene will be the number one requisite for any establishment to be successful. Whether it’s a restaurant, office or service; our standards are forever changed.

10.  Get ready for the new roaring 20s. Global GDP will continue to expand after a horrendous 2020. If you happen to live in Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, parts of Oceania, USA and Canada, get ready for an amazing economic journey. If you live in LATAM, most of Africa and Central-Asia, and the Middle East, it will likely be a bit rough economically.


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