You’re Going On Summer Vacation… What Should You Pack?

It’s a common question that everyone asks before hopping on a plane or hitting the road.  What should you pack for vacation?  As many of you know, I just came back from my summer vacation in Greece and Turkey… but what you may not know is where I went shopping right before I left:  Tommy Bahama!  I found a couple of maxi dresses that I wore more than once while cruising along the Mediterranean.

DSC_0343 IMG_5379 DSC_0329 DSC_0317

Cinched-Waist Maxi Beach Dress, Tommy Bahama

Location: Mykonos, Greece DSC_0716 2 DSC_0708 2 DSC_0649 2 DSC_0653 2 DSC_0593 2 DSC_0581 2

Crochet Lace Tank Maxi Dress, Tommy Bahama

Location: Rhodes, Greece

This dress provided by: Tommy Bahama

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