A Maxi That Doesn't Look Like A MuuMuu

One would think it would be easy to find a good maxi dress for the Summer, but it’s not! I constantly try on maxi dresses that look great on the hanger, but usually, once I put them on, it looks like I’m wearing a muumuu (not really the look I’m going for). I’m happy to say that I recently found this sailor blue and white striped T-shirt maxi at a store I’ve never stepped foot in until last week.  This is from Tommy Bahama (yes, I just learned they carry more than your dad’s Hawaiian shirts). I love that there is shirring on the sides so it gives you some shape and solves that pesky problem of looking like you’re wearing a muumuu.  This is definitely going in my suitcase when I head off to my next vacation!

DSC_0535 DSC_0549

Liberte-121 Liberte-131 Liberte-142 Liberte-134

Photography by: Cris Jan Lim

Location: 9353 Nightingale Drive, West Hollywood

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