When I’m on set, I have the luxury of having my makeup done by a professional makeup artist.  Within 30 minutes or less, my dull complexion is airbrushed into a flawless and glowing bronze and my sleepy eyes are powdered, shaped, and lined to look big and bright for my on-camera closeups.  I’ve learned a lot from these makeup mavens and I’m happy to say that they’re willing to share their tricks of the trade with you!

Here, you can also find Q&As with nail experts, celebrity hairstylists and physicians who can help you look your best without going under the knife.


Sans Makeup and Glowing after a Visit to iGlow

When you wear as much makeup as I do for work on-air... sometimes you have to treat yourself to a ...
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From Bold to Natural to Something In-Between… False Lashes for Every Occasion

When I'm on-air or getting my makeup done for an event... lashes are like lipstick... they're a must.  But even if ...
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WINTER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: Makeup and Skincare when Seasons Change

I'm lucky enough to work with makeup artist Lisa Olsen on a weekly basis at KTLA... she's the woman who ...
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Engaged and Picture Perfect On Every Episode… How’d She Look So Good?

Millions of people watched Monday night's finale of The Bachelorette and while most are still talking about who Kaitlyn Bristowe ...
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