My Top 5 Skincare Products Include “Unicorn Tears In A Jar”

When you work in television news, good skin is not only essential, it’s expected. Let’s be honest, viewers don’t want to get a close up of your blemishes, pimples or dark under-eye circles while watching the news on their HDTVs. While a good makeup artist can cover up your imperfections and enhance your assets, it’s important to take care of your skin when you’re off-air so you can provide a clean canvas for those makeup mavens who make miracles happen while you sit back and relax in the makeup chair.

Here are my top five favorite skincare products of the moment. Since they work for me, I figure they may work for you.

Water Balm, Skin Prep Sonia Roselli – this product was introduced to me by my good friend and makeup artist, Lisa Olsen at KTLA. Not only is she great at her craft, but she is also passionate about skincare. She loves researching products and incessantly reads reviews and whenever I have a question about anything involving makeup or skincare, I ask her, knowing she will always give me an informed response. But I digress, back to the Water Balm. I love the way this product nourishes and hydrates my skin after you get out of the shower. It prepares my face and protects it before layers of makeup are lathered on during work days. Why does Lisa love it? “I love Water Balm because it’s such a great skin prep before makeup. It adds moisture and locks it in, allowing makeup to glide on. I’ve also used it on makeup-free days and as a breathable night moisturizer. I’ve heard it referred to it as unicorn tears in a jar – it’s a gem,” says Lisa.

Cicaplast, La Roche-Posay, Soothing Repairing Balm, Laboratoire Dermatologique – this is another product recommended by Lisa and after trying it in her makeup chair, I immediately went online and bought the balm. I have been using religiously over the last few months to manage dry skin and unsightly redness. It works like a dream and the bottle is on the big side compared to other face products and that means it will last a long time. Why does Lisa like it? “I love Cicaplast because it is so light and breathable yet very healing and repairing. It contains copper and zinc, which helps heal and soothe skin. You can use it on minor cuts, scrapes, very dry skin and irritations – even lips! It’s has anti-bacterial agents and is also fragrance-free,” says Lisa.

Manuka Doctor, Normalising Facial Oil – this is a product that I’ve been obsessed with ever since makeup artist and aesthetician, Suzanna Melendez introduced me to it a few months ago. Word of warning – the oil smells a little bit like “smelly feet,” her words, not mine – but the results are amazing and you forget about the stinky stench once you experience what the product does for your face. It is made with a ton of  ingredients that your skin loves ranging from Rose Hip Seed Oil to Bee Venom and of course, Manuka Oil. “It works wonders to balance hormonal skin and gives you a radiant glow without breaking you out and an anti-inflammatory to boot,” says Suzanna.

Micro-Dermabrasian Paste, Gentle Exfoliant, Rodan + Fields – this is a product that my coworker and friend, Lynette Romero swears by and says it’s her go-to product that “ALWAYS gives me results: clean, smooth, silky skin.” She loves it so much she introduced it to a bunch of people at the station who now use it and love it as much as she does.

Onsen, Sweet Macadamia Body Butter – this is a product for your body, not your face, but I thought I would include it in this post because I use it daily. I love the way it smells and it not only hydrates your skin, but it it feel super soft.

I hope the balm, butter, oil and exfoliant makes your skin glow 🙂

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