Cow Hugging: A Furry Antidote To Stress

In a world that sometimes feels like a whirlwind of stress and anxiety, there’s a simple, furry antidote waiting to offer comfort and joy.

Many of us have pets and we love them dearly, but how many of us realize the mystical ability they possess to soothe our souls?

A Bond Beyond Words

Animals of all shapes and sizes have an unspoken ability to unleash a symphony of mental health benefits and positively influence our brain power.

The unconditional love and acceptance that animals offer create an oasis of emotional security. This profound bond releases a surge of oxytocin, known as the “cuddle hormone,” which reduces stress and fosters feelings of trust and connectedness.

In their presence, our furry friends become guardians of our emotional well-being, offering solace, and understanding when words fail.

Animal-Assisted Interventions

Animals are often incorporated into the treatment of those suffering from abuse, trauma, post-traumatic stress, autism, and even addiction.

Pet therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and exposure to pets can lead to improved mental health outcomes.

Cow Hugging

The Power of the Present

In a world dominated by screens and distractions, animals remind us to ‘paws’ and be present.

The simple act of petting a cat or walking a dog brings us into the here and now, encouraging mindfulness.

In these precious moments, worries of the past and anxieties about the future fade away, leaving room for peace and rejuvenation.

cow hugging

Want to Hug a Cow?

Recently, I’ve been going through some pretty heavy personal stuff – situations that brought me to my knees and broke my heart.

I appreciate all types of therapy – but I have to say there’s something magical about putting your head on a massive creature and hearing their heartbeat, and feeling their body rise and fall with their breath.

That’s next-level healing.

My one-hour session at the Gentle Barn made me cry, smile and feel at peace. I felt nurtured and loved; and just being with these animals helped me create a temporary buffer from intense emotions and stress.

Ellie Laks, the woman who founded the nonprofit says hugging these gentle giants washes away your worries.

And after I experienced it myself, I can honestly say, she’s right.

The Gentle Barn is located in Santa Clarita, about an hour’s drive from LA.

Cow-hugging therapy sessions are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 12-1 pm or 1 pm-2 pm.

Cost: $200 donation.

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