How To Make Your Mani Last

Michelle Saunders, nail expert and manicurist to the stars, makes a living working with A-list celebrities (Lady Gaga, Kate Beckinsale and Pink to name a few), so you can better believe she knows how to paint a perfect ten and make it last.

Q: What are your top five tips to help make your manicure last?

A: A decent manicure should last about five days, sometimes more depending on the health of your nail.

1) If polishing your own nails, be sure to apply all polish to a clean, dry nail bed.

2) Use a quality base coat and apply evenly. I like First Base by essie.

3) Of course a lighter shade of polish will appear to last longer than a darker one (chips are more obvious on a darker manicure) so if longer wear is your goal choose a sheer shade.

4) I have a secret to share, use two top coats! (especially on brighter shades) This will ensure a more durable manicure. Let each coat dry in between application.

5) To make a salon manicure last longer, add an extra top coat 1 day after your manicure and another coat on the third day!

Michelle’s clients include Lady Gaga, Kate Beckinsale and Pink

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Michelle Saunders, Nail Expert

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