Mykonos, Greece

Day one of my cruise took me to Mykonos.  This island has a beautiful visual order… according to my tour guide there’s a law that says all buildings must be white washed to reflect the sun and all the doors and shutters have to be blue, red or green. The blue matches the color of the ocean and in the past, it was used to symbolize that the building was the property of a ship owner. The green symbolized that the building was owned by a farmer and the red symbolized that the building was for public use.

Since there is little to no rain, the island is rocky and only has a few trees aside from drought tolerant plants such as bougainvillea and cactus, etc. This island has a LOT of small churches… 600 total, but only 6 priests on the entire island! The windmills are beautiful and were initially built to capture the wind power on this very windy island. Now, the windmills just sit atop a hill above the port to create a picturesque view. The island is considered to be the cosmopolitan center of the Aegean Sea — known as a paradise for the rich and famous, which was first put on the map by Aristotle Onassis (married to Jackie O) and Christian Dior in the 1960s.

There is only one vineyard on the island, making it the only green space on Mykonos. I got to visit and sample a white, red and rosé which were all wonderful. The owners tell me that there are speakers around the vines and they play classical music for the grapes. I’m bringing home a bottle of red and white. Opa!

DSC_0284Welcome to Mykonos!



DSC_0352One of the many small churches in Mykonos

DSC_0473The one and only vineyard on Mykonos


The vines sit close to the ground to stay protected from the wind (there are speakers hidden among the vines and the owners tell me they play classical music for the plants to help them grow)


Sweet dog at the winery


DSC_0369Hold onto your hat… this is a windy island!

DSC_0411Why wouldn’t you use a cheese tin for a planter? #resourceful

DSC_0378A local musician, Mykonos (there are windmills because this is an incredibly windy island!)

DSC_0421One of the many shops where you can buy sandals in Mykonos

DSC_0359Waterfront properties

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