When I started working on-air as a meteorologist, viewers would DM me more about what I was wearing than about the weather. It’s one reason why I started this blog in the first place; so I could have a space online where viewers could go and find out where I bought my dress, or which designer it was on-loan from…

Nowadays, my blog has morphed into something that not only covers fashion, but also food, fitness and travel. However, fashion will always be something I love and talk about so in honor of why I started this resource in the first place, let’s talk about the statement dress.

On-air or off-air, when you wear a statement dress that boasts bold colors or an asymmetrical design that perfectly clings to your curves, you will make a lasting impression.

In general, statement dresses are powerful canvases for self-expression, allowing you to convey your unique style and personality.

Make a Statement 👗

Liberte Chan in a Statement Dress with a bold color

Ema is the queen of optical illusion. Originally from Albania, she moved to the US and started her brand of hand-painted clothes back in the 90s. She began with dresses, but later branched off into designing swimsuits. She has an impressive clientele that includes celebrities and fashionistas. For me, her designs play tricks on the eye and create hour glass shapes even if you don’t have one.


Bold Colors: A splash of confidence

Liberte Chan in a red statement dress

I love wearing bold, vibrant colors that make a statement and make you stand out in a crowd. Statement dresses in electric blues, fiery reds, and emerald greens are some of my favorites. These striking hues are not only eye-catching, but also radiate a sense of fearlessness.

Bold colors are not just about making a visual impact; they are also about embodying a mindset. I learned about the power of color while working on air. When I slipped into a  radiant orange or a deep purple statement dress, my mood immediately changed and it felt like I was exuding confidence. Honestly, it made me feel empowered and helped me speak and perform better. I found that the feeling translates off-air as well. Nowadays,  when I am at cocktail party or a formal event, wearing a bold color statement dress ensures I can walk into a room with confidence and courage.

Asymmetrical Designs: Breaking the Mold

Liberte Chan wearing an assymetrical bold orange dress

Asymmetry introduces an element of surprise with unexpected angles, playful drapes, and unconventional hemlines.  Whether it’s a one-shoulder neckline, a diagonal hem, or an interesting cutout, asymmetry brings a modern and edgy flair to the classic dress.

→ The Perfect Fusion: Bold Colors Meets Asymmetrical Designs

When bold colors and asymmetrical designs unite, magic happens. This fusion of boldness and asymmetry creates a harmonious balance between confidence and creativity, making a fashion statement that is both powerful and elegant.

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