The Perfect Pose, A Model Tells All

Models always seem to snap the perfect pose and perfect picture… so why can’t you and I do it? Turns out we can… or at least try and have fun doing it in the process. I can’t make you five inches taller, but I can share some of those model poses you see in magazines. Model and actress Jasmine Dustin shares a few tips on what you can do to help you look better when that camera flashes.


Q: You started professionally modeling at age 15, did someone teach you how to pose or did it come naturally?

A: It came naturally. I’ve always been told on sets that I’m a mover. Which is a good thing for photographers. Some models will come in very green and not know how to pose. The photographer will spend half the day posing the model to get the perfect shot. It always came very natural to me. As you get more and more experience you always have your go to poses (see photos below).

IMG_20141014_150939 IMG_20141018_120937 IMG_20141102_194350

Q: Every picture I see that’s on your website looks amazing, do you ever take a bad picture?

A: Of course!!!! It really depends on the hair, the makeup, the photographer and most importantly THE LIGHTING. If there’s good “beauty” light, you won’t need your photos to be retouched. When there are harsh shadows, you’re guaranteed to have some really bad photos. Just like anyone else, models take bad photos too. It’s all about knowing your angles.

IMG_20141103_120529 IMG_20141111_093923 IMG_20141203_141704

Q: What are a few things you think about when you’re on a professional shoot?

A: For professional shoots, I’m constantly moving.  I always try to use the landscape to help with the poses because it gives you more variety. Is there a fence, a wall or a boulder that I can lean on?

The outfit and client always determine if the pose is going to be playful or sexy.

And, music always helps set the mood.

IMG_20150505_220152 IMG_20150507_110456 IMG_20150511_185950 IMG_20150512_144707 IMG_20150512_212417

Q: Can you share a few tips on how to take a perfect selfie? 

A: If you take a selfie in a mirror and your body is straight on, tilt your head to one side. If you’re outside in the sun, make sure you face the light so you’re not backlit.

You can smile or pucker your lips together for that perfect pout (and yes, you can practice in front of a mirror to find your best duck face).  

You can also look off in the distance when you take a selfie. For this, I like to focus on a specific spot with my eyes at eye level with the camera, or looking slightly up or slightly down works as well.

IMG_20150220_115645 IMG_20150223_151207 IMG_20150227_164528 IMG_20150320_154124 IMG_20150401_075509 IMG_20150402_155257 IMG_20150402_204639 IMG_20150424_112805


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Just a note: When I first met Jasmine, she was barely 18 and she had just moved to LA from a small town in New Hampshire.  At first glance I thought, okay, this girl is way too pretty and model perfect to be nice. Boy was I was wrong.  From the second she said “hi,” I felt her warmth and we immediately hit it off and began hanging out at clubs and house parties galore (that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re that young, right?!). Flash forward about a decade…this girl has become one of my best friends (I was in her wedding) and someone who can still eat anything and stay waif thin (I know… kind of amazing, kind of annoying…I credit her genetics and super fast metabolism).



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