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Classic red or nude nail polish is easy to wear because the colors generally go with everything.  But what happens when you pick out a bright or bold summer hue like something from essie’s neon 2015 collection?  I asked celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders to weigh in on what color shirt or dress you should wear when you pick out a statement polish like all access pass or vibrant vibes.

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Here are the colors and the low down on how to match your outfit with these different hues:

Q: What would you want to wear with all access pass, this bright purple?

A: For summertime, this bright purple replaces the deep maroon or charcoal we see in the Winter. Therefore, you can match it with a summer navy, black or white. It’s a brighter color that can be matched with a more subdued colored outfit.

DSC_0111 DSC_0105

Q: What about vibrant vibes? Green can be hard to wear and this neon green seems tough to match.

A: Sometimes you only need a touch of color and this lime green is perfect to showcase subtle nail art. Add a thin swipe to the tip of each nail to create a summer french manicure.

DSC_0082 (1) DSC_0098

Q: I love pink, but groove is in the heart is a little bright. What would you match it with in the summer?

A: This is a vibrant pink, but it’s the neutral of the season. That means you can wear this color with any of your favorite summer printed dresses or solids.

DSC_0169 DSC_0170

Q: I like brights, especially in the summer, but coacha’bella can be a little much. What should I wear when I paint my nails with this bright fuschia color?

A: Feeling festive? This super bright fuchsia reminds me of a tropical orchid and stands out in a fun an elegant way. Match it with a bright solid blouse and neutral pencil skirt, or match it with a bright pattern to make the color pop.


Q: While I like the idea of wearing a nail polish that stands out, melody maker is another shade that’s tough to match. When should I go with this bold color and what should I wear when I have it on my digits?

A: Wearing a fluorescent jade can feel intimidating, so why not make it a weekend color? In the summer, there are so many events to go to and this is the perfect color for a festive mani. I’d recommend pairing it with a simple navy blue to highlight the green.

DSC_0148 DSC_0153

Q: When would I want to wear something like make some noise? I like making a statement, but how would I match this superbright blue with my daily outfits?

A: Neon blue is an eye-catcher so be sure to wear this one with a matching outfit. Make this radiant blue the hero of the day. It looks amazing on your toes as well.

DSC_0185 DSC_0201

Hope this helps you match your polish to your outfit!  If you want to win the six colors featured above, please share why you think you should win and feel free to share a pic of your best mani ever!  Good luck!

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