Fashion Makes Football Better

It’s that time of year… football season!  When millions of Americans spend hours watching games, talking about teams and playing fantasy football.  For me, the season is less about the games and more about gathering together with friends and family.

Since you all know I’m all about dressing up for any occasion, last weekend when I took a drive to Newport Beach to hang out with my brother, cousin and her husband, it was fitting for me to sport a comfy, pale blue St. Louis Rams T-shirt.  Why would I be a Rams fan?  Well, I figure, since there are rumors that the team could return to their former home, here in LA… why not?

Of course, I had to outfit my family in their own NFL gear and thanks to Tommy Bahama, it was easy.  My brother, Cory is a New England Patriots fan (he went to boarding school in Connecticut for a short stint in junior high).  My cousin, Tania went to college and got her doctorate at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, so naturally, she’s a Baltimore Ravens fan.  And, her husband, Paul was born and bred in Staten Island and is a lifelong New York Jets fan.

So, last Sunday we wore our NFL paraphernalia and pigged out during happy hour at the Newport Beach Tommy Bahama restaurant.  The boys watched the games while my cousin and I chatted away and we all ate A LOT.  Another football Sunday down in the books and between the company, the food and the setting, it was in one word… perfect… touchdown!

IMG_7487 IMG_7488 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7491 IMG_7492 IMG_7496

Note: Food and clothes provided by Tommy Bahama

Photography: Cris Jan Lim



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