A Few Go-To Work Dresses For The Modern Working Girl

I’ll be honest and admit that, for years, I avoided the Tahari ASL section at department stores, thinking the dresses were more geared towards my mom than me. Recently though, I’ve been a big fan of Tahari ASL. I’m not sure what exactly they did, but it seems like they’ve stepped up their game and their styles have become suited to the young, modern, working girl. They’re reasonably priced and always offer a TON of different styles to choose from. Here are a few of my recent picks that worked on the weather wall.

Oh, and since I’ve always been a big fan of coupons, I asked the company for a coupon code for all of my friends/followers and they were happy to oblige.

Use LIBERTE20 when shopping online and you’ll save 20% #happyshopping

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