A Trip down the Ayung River in Bali

River Rafting, Ayung River, Bali

While in Ubud, we went white water river rafting on the Ayung River. For about 2-3 hours, we floated down the river, staring at the lush green rainforest and natural waterfalls. Our guide, Mr. West (a nickname because he’s from the westside of Bali), guided us with easy commands like, “forward” and “backward” so we could paddle in sync, down the river.  This is a must if you find yourself in the northern part of Bali!


Ayung River


Mr. West (our guide) who left offerings and prayed for our safe passage down the river before we left


Helmets and life jackets may not be the cutest look… but safety first!


Stone carvings IMG_8089

Everything is so green here!

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