Are you a Glamola?

Glamola [glam-oh-luh] noun:

A fusion of a glamorous and granola-type of person.

For the woman who loves nature and being outside, but you’d never sleep outside under the stars…
you may be a glamola.
For the woman who loves making healthy meals at home, but also feels right at home at a high-end restaurant or swanky event… you may be a glamola.
For the woman who would choose a Birkin and Birkenstocks…
you, too, maybe a glamola.

I’m a woman who loves eating fresh, functional foods, sitting on the floor, practicing yoga, and traveling the world, but I’d like to think I do it in style.

liberte chan mom
My mom back in the day. She’s standing in the middle of her parents, two sisters, and brother.
Of course, she is the one in the middle, wearing that amazing black-and-white pattern dress (I wish I could ask her if that was a Marimekko!):

As a young girl, my mother taught me to appreciate the glamorous side of life, but she also taught me to believe in angels, talk to animals, and recycle and reuse everything I can.

liberte chan mom in mexico
Pre-kids, another picture of my very stylish mom on a trip in Mexico:

She sent me on spiritual retreats at 5-star hotels so I could learn the tools for deep inner growth. Those retreats taught me that you do not need to move to the Himalayas and give up modern-day luxuries to have a spiritual experience. It was after one of those retreats that I came up with the term, “Glamola,” to describe myself and all the other women (and some men), who are hybrids; glamorous one day and granola the next, or a mix of both every day!

Are you a glamola?


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