A Workout For Your Face!

If you’re wondering why you would want to use a big red ball to massage your face, here’s the short answer from the experts at Face Gym: it’s great for de-puffing and detoxifying.

I discovered face balling during a recent visit to Face Gym in West Hollywood. Face Gym is a studio where you can go to work out your facial muscles. While you sit in a chair, trainers workout your face using various techniques like whipping, pinching and knuckling to stimulate blood circulation and collagen. While it may sound strange at first, if you think about it, the theory makes sense. Just like working out the muscles in your body tones and tightens, working out your face can do the same thing.

Keep in mind when you sign up for a session, the facial fitness experience can get intense. Several different tools are used to manipulate the muscles in your face. While some portions of the workout can be slightly uncomfortable (you will definitely not fall asleep during the cardio or sculpting portions of the experience), once you’re done, you’ll be glowing, hydrated, and toned.

The best part is, you can buy the products and tools on their website and follow their online workouts so that you can do it all at home! I am really enjoying their LIFTWEAR Moisturizer which makes your skin bright and glowy!

Face Gym was kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you guys, so if you are interested…you can save 10% using the code: FACEGYM10

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