Are you a Glamola?

liberte chan and mom

Glamola [glam-oh-luh] noun: A fusion of a glamorous and granola-type of person. For the woman who loves nature and being outside, but you’d never sleep outside under the stars… you may be a glamola. For the woman who loves making healthy meals at home, but also feels right at home at a high-end restaurant or …

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My Baby Girl Has Cancer And It Sucks… But She’s Not Going Down Without A Fight

My little girl, Shanti, turned 12 years old in May. That’s 84 in ‘people years’ so her senior check-up was due. The week after she celebrated her birthday with cake and a silly hat at her weekly acupuncture/rehab appointment, she went in for her senior exam. After her lab results came back, I received a …

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