Baby Talk With KTLA’s Jessica Holmes

This Beaming Blonde Bombshell is having a Boy!

Saying that pregnancy suits Jessica Holmes is an understatement.  Jessica anchors the number one morning show in Los Angeles (KTLA’s 7am-10am shows) and while she is due in October — aside from having that pregnancy glow — she barely looks pregnant while sitting behind the desk.  It’s not until she stands up that you see her small baby bump that … in one word is … adorable.

I recently had lunch with the first time mom-to-be and there was a lot of baby talk.  While admittedly nervous about the birth (who wouldn’t be?!), Jessica is excited to meet her little boy.

So how is she preparing herself and her home for her little bundle of joy?  Here’s what she had to say:

Q: Before we talk about the baby, let’s talk about you.  You’ve been at KTLA for 10 years.   You began as a weathercaster, worked as a traffic reporter in the helicopter, and then you became the main morning news anchor. What have you learned from your on-air career that you think will help you in your next big role of motherhood?

A: Hmmm…well, there are a few elements of live TV that may help with my new job as mom. For one thing…in live television we get used to “flying by the seat of our pants” because we never know what each day is going to bring. That’s exactly how I feel about being a new mom, you can read all the parenting books you want but nothing REALLY prepares you for what’s to come! Also, I spent a few years getting up at 3am when I was the traffic reporter in the helicopter and from what I hear…3am is a time I’m going to be very familiar with when the baby arrives!


Jessica and her adorable baby bump

Q: Your friends and co-workers on the morning show affectionately call your house, Thumbelina’s Cottage.  How have you and your husband prepared the cottage for the baby?

A: It got the name Thumbelina’s cottage because it’s tiny! But I love my little place and the neighborhood especially. What started as a place that was perfect for just me has turned into a home for a family of three…and a dog! There is a little nook that was an office space that has now been transformed into the baby’s room. Only a crib and dresser fit but let’s be honest what more  does the little guy need right now? I am doing my best to stay very organized…the container store is my friend!

Q: What has been the best/worst part about pregnancy?

A: I have really enjoyed being pregnant. It’s been such a blessing! I am so thankful I avoided the morning sickness and all that stuff because I know that some women suffer terribly. Now that I’m in my 9th month, sleeping with a big belly is awkward. I practically sleep sitting up…it’s the only way I can get comfortable.


Q: Everyone wants to know… what’s your baby’s name and how did you come up with it?!  Are you sharing it with viewers before you give birth or revealing it after he arrives?

A: I can be a very indecisive person so I figured giving a baby a name he’d have to live with his whole life would be too big of a decision for me to make BUT it wasn’t! I just happened to be reading an article one day…saw this name and never looked back. So I guess I will hold out on you until he gets here to reveal…a little suspense is good 🙂

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