Dark Navy Crepe Wrap Dress, 4.COLLECTIVE

This dark navy crepe wrap dress by 4.COLLECTIVE is one of those pieces that looks chic during the day or at night.  It’s not supposed to be super tight so it’s comfortable to wear while you’re sitting at your desk or sitting at the dinner table.  It’s a great basic piece that has a little bit of flair because of its asymmetrical length and faux leather belt that buttons in the back.

DSC_0387 DSC_0359 (1) DSC_0360 DSC_0369 (1)

Location: Siren Studios, Hollywood

Twitter: @SirenStudiosLA

Instagram: @SirenStudiosLA

Facebook: Siren Studios LA

Makeup: Jessica Reyes

TWITTER: @jesmakesupretty

INSTAGRAM: @jess_makesyoupretty

Photography by: Brian Chase

This dress was provided by: 4.COLLECTIVE



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