Endota Spa: Recharge and Replenish Both Mind and Body


Taking a 16 hour flight to Australia can take a toll on your body.  So it was almost a necessity to schedule a massage while I was Down Under.  I took advantage of the day spa at The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney and scheduled an Endotarama, a signature treatment at Endota Spa, which included a footbath followed by a relaxation massage and an organic facial (75 min duration).

The treatment was certainly relaxing — so much that I fell asleep during the massage — a sure sign that it was blissfully soothing and very much needed.  My mom had a remedial (deep-tissue) massage and said it was “the best massage I ever had.”  For a woman who gets weekly massages, that’s a strong stamp of approval.




Note: Images Courtesy Of: Endota Spa, Four Seasons Sydney

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