When I’m off the clock, I dress completely differently. Minimal makeup and loose, but fitted clothes that show my shape are key. Depending what’s on the agenda, you may find me in a boho chic inspired look, a comfortable maxi dress, boots, and/or a statement tee. There are always the go-to pieces that I wear again and again (jean jacket, skinny jeans, Eugenia Kim hats). My philosophy is stick with a few classic pieces and mix it up with trends that work for you. Also, invest in accessories that go with everything… like a Cartier tank, or a good pair of aviators.

Life with Liberte Off the Clock

Fashion Makes Football Better

It’s that time of year… football season!  When millions of Americans spend hours watching games, talking about teams and playing fantasy ...
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Wear A Little Sparkle, MLV Luna Top

If I’m going out at night, I love to wear a little sparkle. This MLV Luna Top is one of ...
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You’re Going On Summer Vacation… What Should You Pack?

It's a common question that everyone asks before hopping on a plane or hitting the road.  What should you pack ...
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