How To Throw A Boho-Chic Post-Nuptials Party Without Breaking The Bank

When one of your best friend’s elopes, you plan a post-nuptial party for her. At least, that’s what I did last month in LA.

The Aesthetic: Boho-Chic (my girl is all about earthy neutrals with a hint of glam; hey, she was a professional model when I met her at 18…)

The Plan: Create a photo opp that will blow her away the second she walks in.

The Punchlist:

Ask my husband if I can use his 1961 250 GT Ferrari as a prop…he said yes!

Reach out to the Flower Doctor, Jenny Barker to create an effortlessly chic floral display with the hubby’s vintage girl as the pièce de resistance (after dressing up the car, Barker stayed and made flower crowns; see video above).

Note: Since I wanted to keep the cost down, instead of roses, Barker used more filler flowers, like baby’s breath, and florals that were in season and less expensive. Barker did an incredible job of choosing lower-cost florals that complimented the color palette and stayed within budget.

Reach out to LA Party Rents and rent bar tables, chairs, tablecloths, and a 3-tier cake stand (their pricing is very reasonable compared to other rental companies in LA)

Boho-Chic Post-Nuptials

Reach out to pastry chef, Julie Jangali and commission her to create three beautiful cakes (she literally makes edible art and I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t enjoyed her delicious creations)

And Voilà! Sometimes, less is more. Lmk your thoughts!

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