How to dress like a French woman… 

If you’re an American heading to Paris, here are some items you’ll want to pack:

  • Walking shoes (this is a walking city, so wear comfortable flats…I saw lots of women wearing white Stan Smith’s and/or Converse during the day). You may want to save your heels for a night out.
  • Neutral Palettes (black, white, beige, and if you want to go with color, choose muted tones.)
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Jean jacket in the summer, trench coat in the fall (You can always expect a chance of rain in Paris. Even though it was mid-summer when we were there in August, it felt like fall. Skies were partly cloudy and it drizzled everyday for at least an hour.)
  • Classic black and/or white tee
  • Black pants or dark jeans

There’s no doubt that French women have a distinct style that’s simple and stylish. Clothes are perfectly tailored for figure flattering silhouettes. While purses and other accessories can be luxurious, they are certainly not flashy.

You will not find women wearing crop tops, minis, or showing a lot of skin. Instead, you’ll see women wearing lots of basics and classic pieces in neutral tones. Many women add a great statement piece like a beautiful scarf, hat or handbag, but brand names are typically not plastered on them.

While it’s completely acceptable and almost expected to wear workout wear and sweats in LA, Parisians don’t dress like they’re going to the gym unless they are actually going to the gym.

In a nutshell, French women seem to have perfected that way of putting together an outfit that’s never overdressed or underdressed; it’s just perfect for the occasion and très chic.

Btw – if you check out my IG, I posted some daytime vs. evening wear

Evening Wear

(only time I wear heels in Paris is at night, during the day, it’s walking shoes)

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