I’ve been taking AG1 for over a year now. Here’s why:

It might just seem like a regular greens juice, but trust me, AG1 is way more than a greens drink! It’s a nutritional powerhouse! We’re talking about 75 different nutrients, including a multivitamin, prebiotics, probiotics, and even adaptogens (which help lower stress). One of the only nutrients that’s not in the powder mix is Vitamin D. AG1 does sell a Vit D supplement in liquid form so if you’re deficient in the sunshine vitamin or you just want an added boost, you can purchase it (continue reading to see how you can get a bottle for free).

Pre-Disclaimer:  I only promote supplements I actually take myself. As many of you know, I left my former television news career to pursue a life of balance, health, and wellness. Nutrition is at the forefront of health and I believe that what you put on the end of your fork or pour in your glass is one of the most powerful choices you can make on your health and wellness journey. What you eat and drink can either help or hinder your health.  I love sharing nutrition information with family and friends (that’s you!) so you can feel and look your best. It’s pretty much what I aim to do with all my social channels and blog.

Disclaimer: I am going to be sharing my affiliate link to purchase AG1. By using my link, you’ll get a bonus. In addition to your one-month supply, you’ll get 5 free travel packs and a liquid bottle of Vit D! Here’s my link: https://athleticgreens.com/libertechan

Results after taking AG1 for nearly a year

What is AG1?

AG1 is your all-in-one nutritional supplement drink, loaded with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food sourced ingredients in powder form. It’s all about giving your body the daily love and nourishment it needs to thrive in a super absorbable form.

So how do I feel after taking AG1 over a year?

When I go a few days without taking AG1, I feel a difference in my energy level and my stomach. I feel less energetic and more bloated. When I take it consistently, I just feel better.

More specifically, here’s what I can say after drinking AG1 for over a year:  

  1. My gut health has improved.
  2. I react better to stress.
  3. I’m concentrating for longer periods of time.
  4. My immune system is definitely working! (while I eat a lot a colorful diet that’s filled with superfoods – which doesboost my immune system – I believe AG1 is a contributing factor to my overall health and physical performance).

AG1 is expensive, but worth it: It’s true, AG1 is not a cheap supplement — at $79/month, it’s something you have to consider and add to your budget – but personally, I’d rather spend money on nutritious foods and drinks than spend money on medicine later on in life. I truly believe drinking AG1 is a powerful preventive step you can take that will help you stay healthy and keep you healthy in the future.

Try AG1 for yourself.  

Hope you take advantage of my affiliate link and get 5 free travel packs and a bottle of liquid Vitamin D


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