Less Jewelry, More Metallic Tatts

IMG_8192Like most girls, I love dressing up and wearing accessories… and I’m totally into the metallic tattoo trend.  They add a little glitz and a lot of fun to any outfit.  While they may not be work-appropriate (I received a ton of tweets asking if the one on my arm — pictured below — was real after I forgot to remove it before going on-air), these jewelry-inspired TribeTats are the perfect addition to any outfit when I’m off the clock and they’re easy to apply and last up to a week(!)
I also love the company’s mission:
     Inspire youthful wonder in women of all ages
     Provide a creative DIY jewelry alternative
     Encourage innovation in women’s accessories
     Support charitable causes through social commerce (1% of Yoga Collection sales go to Breathe For Change, a non-profit which teaches yoga & meditation in elementary schools)
And, as if all that wasn’t enough, the company is run by all female entrepreneurs and yogis who love dogs… #mykindofcompany #perfect #metallictattoos #tribetatsIMG_8193
1% of Yoga Collection sales to Breathe For Change, teaching

yoga & meditation in elementary schools

The Tribe Giving Back

1% of sales of our Yoga Collection ($25) donated to Breathe For Change, which trains elementary school educators in yoga and mindfulness to integrate these vital skills into the classroom



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