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When you wake up at 3am for a morning show… a good makeup artist is essential.  The women on the news in LA tend to be more glam compared to other markets and that means, we wear a lot of makeup! I’m lucky enough to work with makeup artist Jessica Reyes, who has mastered the craft and seems to have the magic touch.

Here are a few questions I recently asked while sitting in the makeup chair:

Q: Why do you ask what I’m wearing before you put on my makeup?
A: I always ask what you’re wearing because I like to visualize the whole look in my head so nothing is out of place. There needs to be a focus point, for example, either your eyes or your lips. Let’s say you’re wearing a print style dress, it’s best to do a strong eye with a simple lip.
Q: Is it okay to match your makeup to your outfit?
A: It’s okay to incorporate an aspect of the color on your eyes. I like to incorporate a color that will look pretty and not be to overbearing on your face. You should always add color with a soft hand.  Let’s say you’re wearing a blue dress. I would do a soft smokey neutral eye with a deep blue eyeliner. Or, if you’re wearing a pink dress, you could do a deep mauve lipstick. You always want to remember less is more.
Q: When wearing red lipstick, how can you keep it from bleeding?
A:  My secret weapon in keeping a bold lip from bleeding is using Make Up For Ever Lip Line Perfecter as a lip liner. It is a thin wax that keeps the color where it’s suppose to stay. After applying the liner, use matte lipsticks and no gloss.  You will have no bleeding and a lip that has staying power!


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