Protect, Invest, Leverage

What are your two biggest assets? If you said, your house, your bank account, or your retirement plan, think again. The short answer is, your two biggest assets are YOURSELF and your TIME. 

So, use it wisely. 


That means, take care of yourself. Make sure you’re in optimum health. Go to your annual checkups. Exercise. Eat well. Relax. If you let yourself go mentally, socially, emotionally and physically…you are wasting your biggest asset. Make sure you protect yourself.


Educate yourself. I’m not talking about enrolling in school. I’m talking about picking up a book, reading a journal, or listening to a podcast from an expert. Learn something new daily. Be the best version of yourself in every endeavor. Stand out. Be different. Work on constantly improving yourself… that could mean reading something of interest, learning a new technique for your job/trade, or experiencing new challenges. Wherever you go, whoever you are, you are already unique. There is only one of you. Make people hear you, see you, be relevant, and speak up.


If it means you have to invest in yourself by taking a loan, you are leveraging. So make sure you go through all the pros and cons to make sure that that leverage will pay off handsomely. If you’re going to school to become a nurse and you decide to work in retail, that was not good use of leverage. However, if your dream is to become a nurse and you’re working in retail, it’s okay to borrow some money to pay for your schooling. There is nothing more fulfilling career-wise than working in your passion. 

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