Whenever Kimberly Cheng walks through the newsroom, she always looks put together and professional.  I’ve never seen a hair out of place or an outfit that doesn’t match.  While she always looks great, it’s her smile and spirit that I adore.  She’s sweet, smart and when she flashes her pearly whites, you can’t help but feel good.  Here are a few of her secrets on staying stylish and some advice for aspiring journalists.

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Q: What’s your on-air signature look?  What are your favorite brands or places to shop?

A: My goal is to pull together classic looks that are sophisticated but also have a little bit of edge. Sharp colors are a must for tv! My favorite brands include Adrianna Papell, Antonio Melani, Tahari, Vince Camuto. Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Saks and Bloomingdale’s are my favorite places to shop. My secret to help your wallet…you can find great deals at clearance centers!

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Q: What does your weekend wardrobe consist of and how is it different from when you’re on the clock?

A: Believe it or not…during my off-time, I am always in workout/yoga gear and makeup- free! I love ALO and Nike.


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Q: What are your top 3-5 products that you always keep in your makeup bag?

1) lip moisturizer

2) lotion

3) eyelashes

4) translucent powder

5) lip color or gloss

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Q: What advice can you give working women who are looking to incorporate some of their personal style into their work wardrobe?

A: Own your look but keep it classy. And comfort is key. Wear your confidence on your sleeve honey!

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Q: What is your greatest passion?

A: Family. I have so many blessings in life but family (and that includes close friends) is what I live for. Also, creative storytelling. I’m working on a novel now. And singing. Music is like breath for my soul.

Q: What is your advice for aspiring journalists?

  1. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Learn who you are as fast as you can. Then, be you.
  2. Learn a little about a lot. And learn a lot about the subjects that make you tick.
  3. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Move forward.
  4. Find mentors and internships.
  5. Learn as many different roles as possible. Wear multiple hats.
  6. Be flexible and prepared to keep on learning. The business is constantly evolving. Don’t get married to your old ways.
  7. Get comfortable with rejection and criticism. When either happens, I ask myself.. how can this help me become better, stronger, or have a clearer perspective?
  8. Remember, people come first.
  9. Ethics 101. With great power, comes great responsibility. Be fair. Be thoughtful. Be honest.
  10. If you’re looking to be famous, get out. If you’re looking for glamour, get out. It’s hard work and if you don’t LOVE people and storytelling…it’s going to feel like hard work.

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