Rhodes, Greece

Day three of my cruise took me to the island of Rhodes at the eastern edge of the Aegean Sea. It’s part of the southernmost group of Greek islands and I had no idea what to expect, but was happily surprised from the moment our ship pulled into port at 8am.

The first thing I saw: stone walls of a medieval city. I later learned that they were built some 700 years ago and knights returning from the Crusades lived behind them. Come to find out this is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe and walking around the cobblestoned streets literally transports you to another time and place. I took dozens of pictures, went shopping (yes, I picked up a second pair of Greek sandals, a simple gold plated ring that was very reasonably priced and had a cup of Greek frozen yogurt with chocolate).

Other than the medieval city, there is a LOT to see on this island, including the city of Lindos, which is about a half hour drive away from the old city, but worth the trek.   During our drive, our tour guide Ifigeneia, shared some interesting facts about her culture, such as garlic or a blue eye hanging outside of a house in Greece is used to ward off evil and believed to bring good luck. She also told us that the Greeks use Sage to help fight bronchitis and Eucalyptus oil is a good cure for insomnia. But, back to Lindos, which is a small town that has an ancient fortress high on a hill above the sea. Worth the hike up, but bring water, wear sunscreen and good tennis shoes.

Other than Lindos and the medieval town, we also found enough time to walk down to Elli beach to take a quick dip in the Mediterranean (it was cold and the sand was rocky… but at least I dipped my toes in!).

This was a great stop and we stayed out until 11pm before heading back to the ship. Definitely the surprise stop of the trip so far.

DSC_0756 2Windmills in the port

DSC_0685Lindos from afar

DSC_0581Black and white rocks used to create a mosaic, Lindos

DSC_0604View of a bay, Lindos

DSC_0588View of Lindos on the walk up to the castle

DSC_0640At the top of the Acropolis, Lindos 

DSC_0607Our tour guide Ifigeneia showing us the ancient acropolis and temple of Athena, Lindos

DSC_0599Medieval castle, Lindos


The old town of Rhodes

DSC_0706Souvenir shop in the old town of Rhodes 

DSC_0688Traditional pottery and ceramics from Rhodes

DSC_0750Medieval castle in the old city of Rhodes

IMG_4622Main entrance to the medieval castle in Rhodes

DSC_0641 2Elli Beach, Mediterranean

DSC_0741 2Diving Platform, Elli Beach

DSC_0586Greek sandals I bought in the old city of Rhodes

DSC_0609 2I could only dip my toes in… the water was too cold!


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