Soothe Your Soul in Sedona

One of my favorite things to do is travel around the world and while I rarely go back to the same place twice, Sedona is a special place that I try to visit year after year. There is something about this place that soothes my soul.

Sedona is surrounded by massive red rocks that are not only beautiful, but also very healing. There are five vortexes – spiraling energy centers that are believed to be transformative and healing – and they are located at specific sites throughout Sedona. When visiting one of the powerful energy centers, one is encouraged to pray, meditate and set intentions.

According to one of my guides from Sedona Soul Adventures, the area where Sedona is located was known as “the hospital” by the Native Americans. Instead of settling in the region, the native tribes would reserve this land for visits and ceremonies, because they believed Sedona was too sacred of a place to lay down roots.

Today, Sedona is known as a magical Mecca for seekers across the U.S. and around the world. The high desert town is home to about 10,000 permanent residents, but according to online statistics, it attracts more than three million visitors a year. Some people come to relax, some come to hike, and others come to connect with their inner self and source (a.k.a. spirit or God).

During my most recent trip to Sedona with my boyfriend, Luis, I spent three days doing all three. We fostered a deeper connection with each other on daily hikes and transformative sessions with spiritual guides and teachers. You see, Sedona is the perfect setting for someone to work on themselves as well as a relationship with a loved one, because it’s believed the vortexes/energy centers amplify your emotions. This amplification means that, if you are facing challenges (with yourself or with your partner), those feelings of dis-ease will be felt even deeper. On the flip side, if you are in a loving relationship, your love for each other will be felt even deeper.

Thankfully, I fall into the latter category and by the time we were back in the car, driving to the airport, we both felt at ease with ourselves and intensely connected to each other on a spiritual level.


Favorite Place to Eat: Local Juicery


This plant-inspired cafe is AH-mazing. From superfood infused smoothies, to nutrient-dense salads and breakfast bowls, every single item on this menu is delicious. After eating here, you will literally glow from the inside out.


Summer Sanders started Local Juicery in 2014. Summer was born and raised in Sedona and spent a few years living in Venice, California. While living in the beach community, she trained under Matthew Kenney, one of the world’s top vegan chefs.

Favorite Guides: Sedona Soul Adventures (personalized retreats for individuals and couples)

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