Spreading Love, Light and Good Vibes

When I began practicing yoga over a decade ago, I was in another state of mind.  Constant chatter and thoughts filled the space between my ears from the time I woke up in the morning to the time I went to sleep at night.  My so-called “monkey mind” — that persistent flow of thoughts — was exhausting and it didn’t stop until I started doing yoga and committed to an ongoing practice as I learned the art of focusing on my breath and getting out of my head.

Nowadays, I try to incorporate yoga and meditation into my daily life (even if it’s just for a few minutes on some days).  I also try to spread love, light and good vibes to others and truly believe that when you shine, everyone else will be a little brighter too.  I also believe that clothing is an expression of yourself so when I’m not working, I love wearing statement shirts that remind me and others to be grateful, to love, and remember the importance of karma… what goes around, comes around.

That’s why I love these shirts from Spiritual Gangster that are comfortable, cool and the perfect attire on or off the yoga mat.


Me in a Retro Love Coachella Tank Stardust Tank, Cole sporting a Grateful Kids Tee in Heather Grey, My dog Shanti smiling on the grass with her tennis ball


Logan wearing a Spiritual Gangster Varsity Logo Kids Tee in Vintage Black

Bel-Air-6374-EditBel-Air-6500 (1)

Jasmine wearing the Karma Savanna Pullover, Me wearing the Namaste Coachella Tank StardustBel-Air-6509Bel-Air-6504



Grateful Muscle Tank



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