Up in the Air, Down Under: Melbourne and the 12 Apostles by Helicopter



I took my first helicopter ride last week when I was in Australia… and I have to say, I’m officially hooked.  There’s something about hearing the rotors, the hum of the engine and flying that produces quite the adrenaline rush.  I flew above the city of Melbourne, holding a Go Pro that was attached to a selfie stick (which was attached to a wrist band and harness for security).  The doors were off and while it was a bit chilly, my pilot was kind enough to lend me his down jacket which kept me warm and comfortable at 1000+ feet in the air.

We glided through the sky on a spectacular sunny day and I was able to document my entire trip, holding the camera inside and outside the cockpit as the wind blew my hair.  I’m pretty sure I had a permanent smile on my face for the entire 30 minute ride.

I booked my flight through a travel agency website called, Viator.com.  Expect to pay between $200 to $400 depending on which tour you choose (there’s a tour above the city of Melbourne or a tour that takes you over the Mornington Peninsula coastline).

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Later that same day, I took a tour with my mom to visit the 12 Apostles, located to the South of Melbourne, in Victoria.  The 12 Apostles are limestone stacks that rise high above the sea along Victoria’s breathtaking coastline which is known for its clean surf and stunning scenery.  On the way back, we landed at an airport closer to the city of Melbourne, hopped in another helicopter, which took us to Albert Park where the Australian Grand Prix was taking place (we met up with my dad and brother who were enjoying the F1 race).  I booked this tour directly with The Helicopter Group.  Expect to pay $2000 – $3000 for this helicopter tour which takes about 3-4 hours.


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