Which Mountain Town In The French Alps Are You?

Mont-Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and in Europe. It is known to have permanently snowy peaks. However, this year, there’s not quite as much snow on it. In fact, all across the Alps there is a lack of snow due to higher-than-average temperatures in December and January.

When we were there in January, we planned to ski and snowboard for 5 days, but after experiencing less-than-ideal ski conditions on our first day (it was a little icy with rocks and grass poking through in some spots), so we decided to explore the mountain towns on foot.

Here’s the breakdown:

Adventurist Spirit:

Chamonix is one of Europe’s most popular ski resorts. The town’s full name is Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and it sits at the base of the famous snowy mountain. There are a ton of activities for adrenaline junkies. In the winter months, extreme skiing, paraskiing, and high-altitude mountaineering activities are offered. Non-skiers can shop, go to the spa, take a helicopter flight, or glacier hike. Dog sledding is also available.

Nature Lover and Spa Goer:

Saint Gervais Les-Bains is a sleepy spa town where many locals live. If you want to go off the grid and get lost in the mountains, I’d recommend renting a chalet. You can ski in and ski out from the chalets at L’Armancette (a 5-star luxury resort located in the mountains above the main town) or just cozy up in the cabin for days and enjoy the plush accommodations while taking in the incredible views of Mont-Blanc and the surrounding landscape.

If you want to visit the natural thermal spa, you can make an appointment at QC Terme. Keep in mind, this is a coed spa that offers a water circuit with therapeutic H20 and saunas. We went to the spa in Saint Gervais instead of the newer one in Chamonix due to availability. In my opinion, this spa was a little dated and did not look like the pictures I saw online of the newer and more luxurious spa in Chamonix. We still enjoyed the experience, but if you’re looking for luxury, I wouldn’t recommend it…instead, I would make an appointment in advance at one of the newer spas in Chamonix.

Sophisticated & Stylish Set:

Megève is for you if you love designer shopping, luxury hotels, and outdoor ice skating. If I had to make a comparison to a ski town in the states, I would say it’s like Aspen, but in France. Similar to St. Moritz or Courchevel, this is where you will feel most at home if you love luxury alongside understated, rustic charm.

I should mention that I was told repeatedly by the locals that the French Alps are just as beautiful in the spring and summer as they are in the winter. And yes, there are a ton of activities offered year-round.

No matter when you plan to go, I hope this post helps you plan your next trip to the French Alps!

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