Paris Restaurant Recs…and no, Le Train Bleu and Pink Mamma are not on my list…

I love visiting the City of Lights any time of year. Even though it can get pretty cold and rainy in the winter and the summers can be sweltering, there’s something about this beautiful city that draws me back again and again. As Audrey Hepburn said in “Sabrina”: “Paris is always a good idea.”

Aside from visiting museums, shopping and just walking around staring at all the beautiful buildings and sites, I LOVE trying all the restaurants in Paris.

Now, I’m not knocking Le Train Bleu or Pink Mamma, but I do think they’re a little overhyped on social media. The ambiance is beautiful at Le Train Bleu, but the food is nothing to write home about. And, as for Pink Mamma, again, the ambiance is pretty and the food is good, but you’ll probably have to wait in line outside the restaurant for 30-40 minutes before being seated. If you really want to go to Pink Mamma, I’d recommend booking a reservation ahead of time, or, if you’re just going because you’re craving Italian, skip it and instead, go to Daroco (linked below) for some tasty pizza or pasta.

While there is no shortage of Michelin-star restaurants, the list below is not super gourmet, but I promise you, you will get a good meal at any of the places below! Here are my top 5 restaurants at the moment:

LouLou – Italian & French
Daroco – Italian
Al Ajami – Lebanese
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