Looking for a Brain Boost? Try Lion’s Mane Mushrooms! I recommend going for a Liquid Extract instead of a Powder

I first learned about medicinal mushrooms about 7 years ago. I was told by a friend that these adaptogens help with everything from immunity to athletic performance, brain function and some species of shrooms even contain anticancer properties. After hearing this, I was intrigued and began testing them out in my daily diet. I started using these powerful mushrooms in powdered form and added them to my morning coffee or hot tea. I noticed a slight boost in energy and focus. Recently, I stopped using the powdery stuff and started using a dual-extracted liquid from a company called Fungi Valley.

Why? Ever since I started to incorporate two drops of Fungi Valley’s Dual-Extract Lion’s Mane in my daily cup of joe or hot tea, I’ve noticed I’m even more focused and more alert. After a little bit of online research, I’m sticking with the dual-extract and tossing the powder. Here’s why:

Fresh Lion’s Mane:

Fresh Lion’s Mane
Fresh Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushrooms are white, shaggy-looking shrooms that resemble a lion’s mane. They have been used in Asian countries throughout history for their culinary and medicinal properties.

Lion’s Mane falls into the category of medicinal mushrooms because they contain bioactive substances that have beneficial health effects on the body.

Fresh lion’s mane are delicious, low fat, high protein + fiber, and contain a lot of nutrients like potassium, iron, and B-vitamins. While these mushrooms are nutritious, their medicinal properties are not readily absorbable. That’s because the bioactives (like beta-glucans, erinacines and hericonones) are locked up in the mushroom’s cell walls — which are made out of chitin — a substance humans cannot digest very well. That’s why these mushrooms are a good source of fiber (they pass right through you), but if you want to unlock the medicinal properties and absorb the bioactives contained within the chitin, the mushroom needs to go through an extraction process.

Powder Form:

Lions Mane Mushrooms
Lions Mane Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms ground into a powdered form may not be as strong as a high-quality extract. Also, some brands may add fillers or use mushrooms imported from abroad and carry a vague claim about where the product was sourced. Personally, I want to know the specifics about where the mushrooms were grown and whether pesticides and fertilizers were used to help grow them. I’ve found details can be a bit sketchy on the powdery packs.

Dual Extract in Liquid Form

Lions Mane Mushrooms
Lions Mane Mushrooms

In my opinion (and I’m not a doctor or scientist), a dual-extract liquid from a local farm is the best way to ingest Lion’s Mane. Why? In order to really make the mushroom’s medicinal properties available to your body, the mushroom has to go through an extraction process. The dual-extraction process unlocks the bio-availability of key nutrients that your body can’t absorb well in this mushroom’s natural state.

Why I love Fungi Valley in particular:

  • They grow their mushrooms at a family-owned farm in LA
  • No pesticides or fertilizers are used during the process
  • They are hand-harvested at peak maturity and immediately put through the extraction process at the same location
  • This is one of the few tinctures on the market that is 100% grown, harvested, and formulated entirely in the U.S. under one roof

If you want to purchase a tincture of Lion’s Mane, the company gave me a code that will save you 5%. No, I’m not getting paid to share this information, but I did receive a tincture for free after buying my first two.

Link to purchase: Click Here
Use code: LIBERTE to save


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