Smudge Your Space Clean With Sage & Sound

No matter what you believe, we can all agree you can feel someone’s energy…good or bad. Even spaces can have good or bad energy. Since I’m moving into my new condo at the end of the month, I thought it was important to burn some sage and clear the space of any negative energy.

Burning Sage, a.k.a. “Smudging”

I was first introduced to the practice of burning sage by one of my yoga instructors who would often light a bundle of the fragrant stems before class. She told me it cleared the space and suggested I do it at home. I remember buying a tiny bundle of sage and burning it a couple times at my house, but I never looked into the reason why until recently when a friend sent me an article on “smudging,” which is the technical term for burning sage.

After reading the article and doing a little research online, I learned that smudging is a custom as old as time and the use of incense and other smoke to connect humans to the spirit world can be traced back thousands of years throughout the East and even Ancient Greece.

The idea behind the practice is that burning sage or other herbs or incense generates smoke that attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke dissipates, the negative energy goes with it.

Luckily for me, one of my childhood friends — Erika Kita — is an Energy and Intuitive Spiritual Guide (realtor by day) and she was more than happy to come cleanse and clear my new place with sage and sound.

Here’s a video of her at work:

Erika says, “I smudge and clear the energy whenever I am going into a new space whether it be holding open houses, places I stay while traveling and my own place at least a couple times a month (usually during the new and full moons).

I’ve even smudged and cleared the energy of the homes for my buyers once we’ve closed so their home is blessed and cleared for them.

Energy, your intention and how you condition your space dictates what you attract to it, the experience you create for people and so much more.”

Now that my new home is officially smudged, I’m one step closer to moving in.

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