Smudging and Sound Bowls Are A Good Start, But It Takes A Witch To Truly Clear The Air

You may have already heard of burning sage to ‘smudge’ your home or using sound bowls to shift the energy of your space, but what if there was an even better way to clear the air and usher in positive energy? According to Real Estate Agent, Erika Kita a.k.a., @therealestatewitch as she is known on IG, there is.
Erika is not your average agent who simply represents buyers and sellers in Los Angeles, she also incorporates energy clearings and activations into her work for all of her clients. For people who are trying to sell their home, a quick and easy sale is dependent upon the energy of the home, says Erika. “The energy of your home will ultimately dictate the kind of buyers you attract — are they qualified buyers or just looky loos? — plus, the energy will affect your overall experience & most importantly the pricing of your home.” 
With nearly a decade of experience as a real estate agent, Erika has learned that buyers ultimately buy homes because of how they feel when they’re inside the space. She says the home can be amazing, but if something feels offmost buyers will move on to the next property immediately. “That’s why some properties will stay on the market forever and/or fall short of the price you want.”
So what does this magical witch do? Simply put, she clears out the negative energy of the home and activates positive energy into the space so the sale can reach its highest potential. If you’re selling, that means you’ll get a premium price, buyers will be more inclined to quickly put in an offer, and your experience during the process will be easy.
Energy clearings are a bonus for Erika’s clients to help leverage the sale of their home, but she also does energy clearings à la carte, meaning, she works with people who just want to shift the energy of their space (home or office) and usher in some good, positive vibes. 
Energy Clearing Benefits Per The Real Estate Witch:
– Keeps the energy of your home crisp, clean, and clear 
– Wipes away any negative vibes that may be lingering 
– Soothes and refreshes your body by getting rid of stress and stagnant energy
– Clears and purifies the air of your home
– Clears any negative energy around anyone who comes in and out of your home regularly
– Clears the home of the past occupants’ energy (“if walls could talk”, literally! Your home holds energy of its past owners/tenants – whether it be their arguments late at night, stress from their job, a child being bullied… it all remains there even though they left and you have moved in)
– Activates and sets the energy of your home and yourself into alignment with your intentions & much more!
  – The Real Estate Witch 
To contact Erika, email or DM her at: @therealestatewitch
Full disclosure: Erika has been one of my best friends since I met her when I was about 10. We were both competitive figure skaters and spent years practicing together at SoCal rinks. Even if we weren’t friends, I would still write about her work. Speaking from personal experience, it’s amazingly effective (no, she’s not paying me to say that).
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