My Summer Skincare Secrets

I’m always searching for new skincare products that reduce the signs of aging and protect my skin from the elements. Recently, I began incorporating a few things into my daily routine and I’m loving the results. My skin feels softer, tighter, brighter, and hydrated and, hopefully, with continued use, I’ll see even better results.

I also began incorporating an aromatic product that may help me breathe my way to better sleep. Since a good night’s rest is written on your face, I’m all about trying it.

My current go-to products for good skin:

When you keep early work hours like me, bags under my eyes are unfortunately the norm and not the exception. I recently started using the Blue Diamond Eye Cream that uses Albizia Bark Extract to reduce dark circles and Vitamin C to boost the production of collagen and elastin under the eye (it tightens that area up!). The product also incorporates the mineral-rich, healing waters from Budapest’s famous thermal spas. So far, I’ve seen slight – but noticeable – results.

When you live in Los Angeles, you get used to seeing a layer of haze hanging over the southland. While I love the sunshine, I hate the haze because that means the air is highly polluted. A recent report released by the American Lung Association found that Los Angeles and its nearby counties (Riverside, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange counties) has the worst air quality in the nation. Aside from minimizing my exposure to the outdoors on especially unhealthy air quality days (I’m a meteorologist, I track these things), I also make sure I clean my face thoroughly to get all the extra debris off of it at night, I wear a daily sunscreen, and, recently, I added another layer of protection: Anti-Pollution Spray by Verso. This light, airy mist is said to help prevent premature aging caused by environmental pollution by creating a thin shield that prohibits metals and gases from penetrating the skin.

While I tend to focus my skincare regimen on my face, you can’t forget about your neck. I’ll do anything to avoid the dreaded turkey neck – those deep lines and loose skin that typically develop as you age. While I usually just apply my face products to my neck, now I’m targeting the area with a specific product made for the neck:  Moonlight Neck Repair by Make. The tube has a twist cap that’s shaped like a spatula that opens and closes, allowing you to squeeze out just enough of the gel-like product to paint on your neck.

According to the website, the vetiver-infused lightweight gel acts as a hydrating mesh to help restore your skin’s elasticity “while reducing the appearance of neck lines, grounding and calming the senses. Kigelia and Acacia Gum extract help firm, lift and tighten the skin while providing potent anti-oxidant, anti-aging protection. Sodium Hyaluronate mimics the hyaluronic acid produced by the skin to give added volume and plumpness.”

While high quality skincare products can help soothe your skin and make you shine, if you want great skin, we all know that nothing beats a good night’s sleep. The length and quality of your sleep profoundly effects your overall health and skin. When you sleep, your body repairs and restores itself, and when I don’t get enough shut-eye, I can see it on my face the next day. If I get less than seven hours (which is unfortunately more common than not—I’m working on it!), my skin is dull, my creases appear deeper, and my overall mood is compromised and stress level goes up.

That’s why I was intrigued to learn about de Mamiel’s Sleep Series; a collection of five high performance formulations that are said to help improve the quality of your sleep. There are four oils and a balm that are formulated to help settle your mind and help you stay in a deep slumber. Annee de Mamiel is the woman behind the brand. She is an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist who developed the botaniques Sleep Series after countless hours of researching the reasons why we don’t sleep and what’s keeping us awake. She says the formulas are not a quick fix, but instead, they will work gradually over time to improve the quality of your sleep.

Beauty sleep…here I come!

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