The Female Force Behind Saltwater Luxe; Q&A

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m a huge fan of Saltwater Luxe, a Southern California-based clothing line that offers the perfect balance between beach chic and luxury.

The collection uses yummy fabrics that feel great and the cuts are figure flattering. You can literally wear this stuff anywhere; it’s perfect to wear on vacation, on a lazy Sunday afternoon or even when you’re just running around town and want to turn heads while doing errands.

So who is behind this beautiful brand? Designers Christa Bischofberger and Kristy Kalsman. These two women have more than 15 years of industry experience and have worked with various brands including RipCurl, Roxy, Billabong and Scrapbook.

No wonder this female force was able to perfect that SoCal, beach luxury look.

Q&A with the designers:

1) Do you think your clothing fills a void in the marketplace?

We believe that while we may have similar pieces to other brands out there, we always stick to what we love.  So we will always create items that are pretty and feminine.

2) What makes your line different from other brands?

With custom one-of-a-kind textures and feminine floral prints, Saltwater Luxe offers feelgood pieces to women everywhere. We draw inspiration from vintage clothing and the beach lifestyle thus creating a feminine clothing line created for confident females.

3) What do you hope people feel when they shop and/or wear your collection?

We want her to feel beautiful and confident.  We also try to create pieces that are wearable and versatile so any woman can feel dressed up without putting much effort into it.

4) Describe your ideal customer

She is a dreamer and a lover, she is confident and feminine.  Her style is effortlessly chic and her wardrobe reflects that. The SWL babe is unapologetically feminine; whether she is at the beach, brunch with her girlfriends or a night out on the town, she is guaranteed to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression.


Christa Bischofberger (Left) and Kristy Kalsman (Right)



Outfit courtesy of Saltwater Luxe


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