Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in Half Moon Bay

There’s something about traveling with one of your best girlfriends that’s refreshingly simple, easy and relaxing. First off…if one of you forgets moisturizer, deodorant or toothpaste… the other has something you can use. Better yet, you get the chance to try out a new product. Even better, when you travel with your friend who has similar interests — like sharing your experiences with friends and followers — the trip is also efficient, blending work and play in a perfect balance.

That was my experience during a recent trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay with my model/influencer bf Jasmine Dustin. I’ve known this girl since she moved to LA when she was 18(!). We spent our 20s together and now that we are on another decade of friendship, I couldn’t be more grateful for her friendship and support. She also taught me A LOT about capturing and creating beautiful moments while on vacation. Here are some highlights.

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